Because quality of our products and the dedication in everything we do for so many years. 


We extreme control measures to bring to the market a product free of toxins and other substances.


The quality of our shellfish is assured in the different processes of handling, packaging, storage and transport.


The traceability system we apply to all our products makes they can be purchased at the market with all the guarantees of health.


Our department of quality and hygiene management is responsible for the microbiological analysis of the products before and after purification.

The best shellfish from Galician estuaries




Our origins date back to nearly half a century ago. The company was born as a family business, ‘Joaquin Fariña S.L.’ and was driven to the business of purification and commercialisation of shellfish.

As in the beginning, we maintain the high quality of our products as the main line of business conduct towards our customers. Continuously trying to improve our methods of work and adding the latest technology to offer the best products from the sea of Galicia with an optimal health and gastronomy quality. This has turned the company in one of the most advanced in purification and commercialisation of shellfish.

Our presence is constant in the major auctions and productive areas of Galicia to acquire the first bids.

We have got our own shellfish farming facilities. In addition, the facilities of our center of purification and dispatch of molluscs are placed in Cambados, where exists a tradition from the fifteenth century in harvesting shellfish (clams, oyster and scallops) for consumption.